What I’m Watching, Part Deux

You people really need to stop influencing me. REALLY.

I am now completely hooked on Supernatural because of you. I will never leave the house again.

I’m in that painful “waiting for the new season to start” mode on a few shows: Once Upon a Time, Modern Family, The Middle, Suburgatory (did that get renewed?), The Office, and Parks and Recreation. Thank Gan Grimm is running new episodes or I think I would be catatonic by now.

The last couple years are seriously the only time I’ve actually watched this much network TV. Know why? Because I moved to an apartment that can’t access free OTA local channels. (Yes, the TV gods hate me). Now, I’m moving up 3 floors in October so 50 bucks says I’ll be able to get it and not want to watch it. Such is my life.

Still, thank you, Netflix and Hulu+, for fulfilling my inner TV geek. STILL cheaper than cable!

Things I Like That Make People Think I’m Crazy

Well, SOME people. Most of my friends will find all of this completely awesome, but the rest of you, well, now you understand the title of this post. Read on. Oh, and I might also mention that Keith turned me on to Every. Single. One.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog – How anyone CAN’T like this is beyond me. “What a crazy random happenstance!” is part of my vocabulary. Damn, I love this show. LOVE IT.

Repo, the Genetic Opera – Okay, Paris Hilton is in it. That’s a fail (any time you see Paris, ANYWHERE, is a fail. Can’t be helped.) but it has Anthony Head, who is AWESOME. Gory, creepy, and full of some great catchy tunes (Zydrate comes in a little glass vial. A little glass vial? A little glass vial). Gotta love it.

Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical – okay, you HAVE to get this on disc so you can watch the original before watching the musical version. Serious hilarity will ensue.

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra – seriously hilarious and contains some epic fun. (tip tip tip tip tip tip tip). A B-Movie spoof on B-Movies. Too funny.

What I’m Watching

So, somewhere into the new TV season (the line is so blurred now I have no real idea where it starts) here’s what I’m watching of the new releases so far:

Grimm: I LOVE this show. It’s like Harry Dresden as witch hunter. LOVE IT.

Once Upon a Time: Love this too. I’m intrigued as to how they’re going to work a second season into this, so we shall see. Deliciously good so far, though.

Suburgatory: Yeah, yeah, I know. I was hoping it was more Emma Stone in Straight A, but I’m holding out hope. It has some snarky funny moments, still.

The New Girl: I think I’ve finally given up the ghost on this one. I love Zooey Deschanel, but her doe-eyed innocence does not save this at all. It’s too much, IMHO.

Happy Endings: Surprisingly, this one cracks me up. A lot. Watched it on a whim, and settled in for the season. I like it.

Ongoing shows I’m watching:

Okay, I know, these aren’t “new” shows, but they are shows that have withstood the test of time, and I’m still tuned in:

Parks and Recreation: This cracked me up from day one, but now that I work for the government? Oh yeah, epic funny.

The Office: I LOVE THIS SHOW. If you’ve ever worked in Corporate America, you get it. Too funny.

House: I’m kind of over this one, but I loved the first four seasons and have committed to going down with the ship. The fact that Cuddy is nowhere to be found is a HUGE plus. God, I hate her.

That probably sums up my “regular TV viewing”. What are YOU watching?