The Dangerous Trend of Dragging Your Small Child Everywhere it Doesn’t Belong

I’m so ticked at this “blogger” that I have to comment. Look at this:  I’m an Idiot.

Also, grammar and spelling count. She fails at this repeatedly (just go look:  she’s a “reformed heroine addict” what, was Wonder Woman harshing her day? Was she addicted to Batgirl? The mind boggles) and she calls herself a writer. Hey, bitch, writing a badly written blog does NOT make you a writer. Get your shit published or STFU. But hey, she’s homeschooling the next generation. I’m SO excited that McDonalds will have no shortage of workers.

Now to address her idocy:

Back in the Dark Ages, when I was a child, there were kid things, and adult things. My parents hired a babysitter to go to adult things, or they (OMFG) STAYED HOME.

Our new parent entitlement society says kids should be allowed everywhere, all the time.

Um, NO.

Now? Kids go EVERYWHERE. Which is WRONG. And the first person who says, “But, we have to take them out in public to socialize them” is getting a brick to the head. You socialize your kids AT HOME. They learn manners at the dinner table – YOU teach them that there before you take them out in public.

This new generation of helicopter parenting and entitlement is going to swing back the other way. It currently is.

Having a kid is not anything spectacular. Sadly, in today’s society, being a GOOD parent is.

2nd Amendment. You’re Doing it Wrong

Every time I see some ridiculous asshat on Youtube, or on a video shared on Facebook, who stupidly damn near blows his head off (and trust me, sometimes I wish said asshat would remove himself from the gene pool) I just shake my head and think, “Thanks for fucking up, bro.”

It’s in these moments I understand why people want to ban guns. Because, stupid + bullets = dead.

They’re not the rule. They’re the exception and the horrible warning. Guns are not toys.

I am a responsible gun owner. I have a semi-automatic pistol in my apartment; it is unloaded and the pistol and ammo are far enough away that I (living in a security building; you come here you’re coming for ME) have to get out of bed, cross a room, and pop in a clip before I can shoot you. I belong to a gun club and I practice. I like target shooting; it’s FUN. I’m not necessarily training to blow someone’s head off (but ask me about zombie pirate targets; those are FUN).

I know how to break my gun down, clean it, put it back together, and use it. I’m not some paranoid homeowner who heard the words self defense and gun and went out and got one with no real knowledge of how to use it or how to take care of it. Or how to keep it away from little hands. Seriously, you have to lock that shit up if you have kids.

Yes, there are a lot of irresponsible asshats out there. Yes, they scare me too. But, it’s the same with cars. There are a lot of shitty drivers out there, but I have yet to hear anyone saying we should ban cars. Hmmm.

Trying to take my 2nd Amendment rights away because people are stupid is like canceling the bus schedule because people can’t tell time.

Triggers Belong on Things that Shoot

I’m getting more than a little annoyed at this whole “trigger” culture.

You know what they called that in my day?


Seriously? Something upset you in a book, movie, or on the Internet? GROW UP AND MOVE ON.

Life is about unpleasant things. It can sometimes suck. It can, indeed, remind you of past bad experiences.


We are raising a generation of total pussies. Make them GROW UP, and DEAL with adversity.

That’s what made America America, you know?

Wussifing kids helps NO ONE. Having a SPINE is what built this country, and the lack of it is what is totally going to ruin it.

Why I Don’t Understand Anti-Vax People

You know what? I will never have children, so this is not my problem, but I’m going to throw my two cents in anyway.

First, let’s talk about herd immunity. Because I think a LOT of you are living in ignorant bliss right now.

In America, a great deal of “the herd” is immune, right now. Do you anti-vax people not get that in ten or twenty years, the “immune” herd is going to be a LOT smaller? Your particular calf is going to be in danger, then. Oh, I’m sure, ONE kid, somewhere, had a bad reaction. And if it was YOUR kid, I get you’re upset and really fucking pissed about it.


I was part of the WHO’s “Smallpox Eradication Program” (not that I knew it). I was born in 1966. Yes, I have a lovely smallpox vax scar on my arm. See? smallpox

Oh, I’m scarred for life. Yes, I am. The horror. Bigger horror? Dying from smallpox.

Look, I’m an accountant, and I fully understand the math behind risk/reward. You want to know what? I’ll take Vaccinations over Major Illnesses That Can Kill Me any time. ANY TIME.

You feel free to choose differently. But if your kid gets sick and dies of some disease that could have been prevented by a shot that hurt for TWO SECONDS, don’t cry to me. I get that modern science is not the be-all and end-all of existence, but sometimes you have to look at the math, NOT the emotional toll.

I have no dog in this fight, but I encourage you to think long and hard about your choices for your children. LONG and HARD.

I’m part of The Herd. I’m 46.

The herd isn’t getting any younger. I’m just sayin’.

And if this itty bitty circular scar is the worst thing to happen to your kid, count yourself lucky. My mother cared enough to protect me from shit that could kill me. She was a pragmatist who understood risk/reward and would have taken her lot in life stoically had she not drawn an Ace. She knew what she was doing. She knew men with advanced degrees probably knew better than she did. And she wanted her kids to live, and not be sick and suffer. She’d seen what happened to kids with polio, so she knew. Vaccines are NOT the devil.

Science>GAWD. Get over it, people. Fact>fiction. Same story.

Dear Comcast

I have been your loyal customer (servant) for probably 12-14 years. THINK ABOUT THAT. I have a two-year gap where I lived in a place where I had to get Qwest (now CenturyLink) and THEY ARE THE DEVIL. Imagine my horror when I started to seriously consider them a lesser evil than YOU.

You graciously gave me cable/Internet at a lesser price than Internet only. Bravo! Problem is, you somehow attributed a cable tuner to that account. Um, NO, I am using the INTERNET. I am NOT using cable. Did you mail it to me? Did my fairly Godmother deliver it?


When I swapped apartments, they tried to tell me I owed them for TWO cable adapters. Um, no. I NEVER got any adaptors, and I returned the modem months ago.

Here’s the capper: NO ONE said ANYTHING about the modem. EVER. When I moved, the chick said, “Well, one adapter is inactivated, so I’ll take that off. When you get your first bill, there will be a $40 charge for the other, and you can dispute it then.”




NOW, collections is saying I owe for 2 adaptors and a modem. What?

THEN, TWO WEEKS after I move, they CANCEL my cable. Why? Oh, were we supposed to move that? Our bad.


You know how I finally got some relief? Posted on the boards. Told them they are thisclose to losing an 8 year customer.

Got an “esclated” call from Someone Who Is In Charge. We’ll see how this goes.

He was seriously a Happy Camper and I suspect he gets that I pay my bills on time, and am a long time customer, and have always, in the past, returned their hardware, so I’ll bet you dollars to donuts this shit is OVER.

But wow, really? Generally, I love Comcast. I defend them to all my friends who have issues with them. This is the first real problem I’ve had in the many years I’ve dealt with them, but I have to say, it’s a doozy. I am shocked that it had to go to this level to be solved.

I love Comcast. I really do. But the bloom is really off the rose, now. Please, Comcast, prove yourselves worthy to be back in my fold. I really want you to.

Apartment Etiquette, Part I

I spent 11 of my 16 years in Colorado as a renter. Last year I sold my condo and went from renter to homeowner to renter again.

My thoughts.

1) As you can see based on the math, I was a renter a LOT longer than I was an owner. You can also see that I basically went from apartment renter to condo owner to apartment renter. So, as you can see, since I moved here in 1993, I have ALWAYS lived in what is lovingly known as “high-density housing”.

2) You get loud neighbors and LOUD neighbors. I generally have always tried to live on the top floor of an apartment complex because my “upstairs” neighbors ALWAYS seem to either a) weigh 300 lbs. or b) jumprope in the livingroom or c) have kids they have never taught not to RUN AND JUMP in the apartment (which I have never understood, because my parents raised me with manners). Because it’s all about THEM, yanno. *queue eyeroll*.

3) You can complain until you’re blue in the face, but at some point, ANY rental agency is going to say, “I don’t care that you’ve STFU and paid your rent for 15 years, we FINALLY rented the place above you! STFU!

They really think two rents is a win. Is it? If you really think my 7 year-rental-as-a-single-woman-with-a-cat who bothered nobody is better than your new-couple-with-three-screaming-brats who are annoying the entire neighborhood is better, take your money and run. Because my stable, rent-paying ass it out of here. RIGHT FREAKING MEOW.

For now, I’m working on a top floor apartment. And trust me, no one will ever know I was ever up there. Because I have consideration for my fellow apartment dwellers, unlike the idiots that live upstairs from me. God, I miss the days when that apartment was empty…

Personhood = FAIL

The whole “Personhood” movement is the reason I’m glad my uterus is in a trash can somewhere.

Let’s get real here, people. There is one, and only ONE, reason for this: to make women second-class citizens, once again. The religious nutters don’t like the fact that the wimmins have got minds of their own, yanno, so they think they’ve found a way to shut us right the fuck up.

Look, you can believe in God, the Devil, or the freaking Flying Spaghetti Monster if you want to, but let me say this loud and clear: MY UTERUS. MY BUSINESS.

Quite frankly, if men could get pregnant abortion would be a fucking RELIGION.

So, religious nutters, feel free to play in your sandbox, but STAY THE HELL OUT OF MINE.

There are a serious number of people on this planet who need to learn the definition of separation of church and state, and who need to realize the Constitution says freedom FROM religion, not freedom OF religion. BIG difference.