Why I’m a MacHead

I started on Macintosh computers way back in the dark ages of the early 90’s, when virtually no one owned a computer. (The horror, right? Wow!)

I got a job as a typesetter in a quick print company. (Wow, remember when TYPESETTER was actually a job? LOL)

There were two of us with those old Mac SE’s with the itty bitty monitors; we were GODS then. *sigh*

Somewhere down the road at that job, I got the first grayscale “page-size” (read “actual 8.5″ x 11″ monitor”) and I was ALL THAT AND A FREAKING BAG OF CHIPS, BABY.

Ah, the good old days. 😀

Since there were two of us in typesetting (and this was in the dark ages where people actually OMG HIRED US TO TYPE UP THEIR RESUMES AND SAVE THEM TO DISK!!!, we used to divide the labor by our talents.

I used to love, love, LOVE doing complicated forms. Ever seen a form from a mechanic? You know, one with lots of lines, boxes, and itty bitty type? I used to LOVE doing those. It would take several hours, but I was a MASTER of making those suckers functional, literate, and pretty, if I do say so myself. Luckily, I usually ended up with a partner who loved text-intensive projects (read: OMG math is so HAARD – how do you make all the lines uniform?), so it all worked out well. Damn, I kind of miss those days.

Anyway, that was my introduction to computers, and I learned on a Mac. So, yeah, you know where this is going…

I’m a MacHead. No, I will not apologize for it. The day Windows makes something that doesn’t suck is the day they start to manufacture vacuum cleaners. 😀

Trust me, I spend 8+ hours a day at my current job as a Plant Accountant on Windows (Vista, THANKS, CORPORATE I.T.!!!!! GRRR) and it SUCKS. So yes, I do know WTF I am talking about.

Now, I do date a software engineer who is a Linux fiend, and on some level I do appreciate his love for it. I, however, am a) totally fucking lazy and b) totally in love with Mac’s “plug and play” abilities (which kind of links back to lazy, but I digress).

So, for now, (and probably forever) I’m a MacHead. And as I said earlier, no, I won’t apologize for it.