Rand McNally vs. Siri

So, I’m planning a trip “home” (use that term loosely) from Colorado to Michigan later this week. I just realized I bought a Rand McNally Altas because of my distrust of Siri (and, I need work arounds that aren’t spur of the moment – I’m traveling with a dog here, we need a hotel). I’m thinking I may post up a really intense blog about it – or I got you all excited for nothing and I’ll bail.

I kind of want to do this.

We’ll see. This could be fun.

2 thoughts on “Rand McNally vs. Siri

  1. Did life just get busy? Okay it’s none of my business but I have only now found your blog (the Shiba breed led me to it, sort of) and your writing is a joy to read. It appears you aren’t posting and I’m pouting. Every time my favorite boutique (Walmart) gets in a line that I really love, soon as they find out I love it they discontinue it.) It’s a real bummer!

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