Damn, I’m Lazy

I haven’t posted in here for months. That either means I’ve found another outlet for my bitchiness or I’m incredibly lazy and honestly, both are probably correct. Thanks, Reddit.

That said, I need to give some SERIOUS love to Grant Voegtle’s cinematic playthrough for The Last of Us. OMFG, it’s amazeballs. You can find it here. Damn, it’s good. He even wiped out the controller hints, and he did a superb job of looking around and getting a lot of the side story. As a HUGE TLoU fan, I’m gobsmacked. I LOVE this. LOVE IT.

If you’re a fan as I am, go check this out. It’s amazing.

4 thoughts on “Damn, I’m Lazy

  1. Dags I had no idea you were into TLoU! I loved it !! LOVED IT !! I’ve even got an Ellie/Riley litho hanging in my den! Awesome storytelling and characters! Thanks so much for this info, though, because it’s wonderful !! Hope all is well.

    • “Into” is probably and understatement. Obsessed is more accurate. 😀 I’ve played it through twice and will definitely do it again. That cinematic playthrough is really well done!

  2. Hey Dags – Happy Outbreak Day!! Just a quick reminder to head over the PSN for your free TLOU2 theme and avatars! Add me to your PSN friend list if you like, turtlex27.

    I cannot wait for the new game!!

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