Gun Control: AKA You’ll Either Love or Hate Me. I’m Okay with that.

I’m going to link here to a perfectly logical, well thought out argument for why gun control is a waste of time from a person who should know (and his books are pretty good too, so….read them if you are of a mind).

And, I’m going to get roasted over the coals by some feel good happy shiny people who think only the government should have guns. If you don’t understand why I (and a LOT of other people) have a problem with this, then I really can’t explain it to you.

And I’m not going to try. Let’s face it:  I am no more going to change your mind than you are going to change mine. I’ve read your opinions, now you read mine. Or don’t. Your call.

So, here’s your choice:  agree to disagree, or go away. I’m not changing, you’re not changing. If this is a deal breaker for you, you people who are my Facebook friends, then feel free to unfriend me and move on. I bear you no ill will and I’m not getting into this. I’m willing to entertain intelligent discourse but I’m fairly certain I’m not going to get much in the way of that, so for those of you who know me IRL…choose your battles.

Also, I’m looking for a new revolver.

Link (Long read, worth every minute):  Gun Control Debunked