Just Because I Have an English Degree

Does not mean I am an editor/proofreader/copyeditor. And no, friend who inspired this post (you know who you are) I am not “calling you out” or “picking on you” but you DID bring something to my attention I feel needs to be addressed, so thank you. 😀

I have an English degree. I generally can proofread things for you, and I usually will; however, you NEED to know the difference between editor, proofreader, and copyeditor. Here’s a good place to start. And this ALSO gives you a really good idea of which order you should do them in.

We don’t necessarily have the same skills. I can proof like a motherfucker, but editing is just not my thing. I tend to translate it into my voice which kind of defeats the whole purpose. What you write isn’t what I would write and that’s fine, but if you ask me to edit you you’re going to end up sounding very much like me. Because I’m just not a good editor.

So, writing 101:  find an editor you like, who gets your voice, and can effectively edit you. THEN you can call me to proof. I’ll likely be happy to do it. 😀

However, if you ever want me to dissect Shakespeare or Jane Austen for you…call me. Bring a bottle of wine. 😀

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