Stop Apologizing for Being Childfree

I’m really happy there have been a lot of really good articles about being childfree coming out lately, but I have one problem with all of them.

Every last one. EVERY. LAST. ONE. puts in a line that says something like, “I’m not knocking parenting, I’m sure a lot of people find it fulfilling, but”…


Why do the people writing these articles feel it’s necessary to “apologize” for their opinion? Are they really that afraid of being attacked? I don’t understand the backpedaling here.

You have an opinion. Own it. There is absolutely NO reason to pander to people who want kids in an article about why you don’t. Have you EVER seen a parent do this? EVER? NO, YOU HAVE NOT. So stop it, already.

I swear this is one of the reasons the parenting set don’t take us seriously. Stop pandering, stop apologizing, stop being a freaking wuss. State your opinion, stand by it, and put on your asbestos underwear and deal with the people that don’t like it.

That is the ONLY way we are ever going to be taken seriously, so either fight the battle or go work in the cook’s tent and STFU.