The Dangerous Trend of Dragging Your Small Child Everywhere it Doesn’t Belong

I’m so ticked at this “blogger” that I have to comment. Look at this:  I’m an Idiot.

Also, grammar and spelling count. She fails at this repeatedly (just go look:  she’s a “reformed heroine addict” what, was Wonder Woman harshing her day? Was she addicted to Batgirl? The mind boggles) and she calls herself a writer. Hey, bitch, writing a badly written blog does NOT make you a writer. Get your shit published or STFU. But hey, she’s homeschooling the next generation. I’m SO excited that McDonalds will have no shortage of workers.

Now to address her idocy:

Back in the Dark Ages, when I was a child, there were kid things, and adult things. My parents hired a babysitter to go to adult things, or they (OMFG) STAYED HOME.

Our new parent entitlement society says kids should be allowed everywhere, all the time.

Um, NO.

Now? Kids go EVERYWHERE. Which is WRONG. And the first person who says, “But, we have to take them out in public to socialize them” is getting a brick to the head. You socialize your kids AT HOME. They learn manners at the dinner table – YOU teach them that there before you take them out in public.

This new generation of helicopter parenting and entitlement is going to swing back the other way. It currently is.

Having a kid is not anything spectacular. Sadly, in today’s society, being a GOOD parent is.

3 thoughts on “The Dangerous Trend of Dragging Your Small Child Everywhere it Doesn’t Belong

  1. i recently heard the term “lawnmower parent,” which is “mowing down anything in your child’s path.”
    By making the children think that every place on earth should welcome them, and everyone on earth should adore them, these parents are setting their kids up for failure.
    By the time Snowflake grows up, it’s going to think that everything it does is worthy of recognition. Then, when it doesn’t get its way, it will blame society.
    To paraphrase: Ask not what society can do for you. Be a productive member of society. I’m not sure a stay at home blogger squeezing out 6 (really? 6 children? Wth?) kids is the most productive member of society.

  2. I always wondered about socializing homeschool kids. I thought that’s what Little League, dance classes, and karate lessons type things were for. I didn’t realize these breeders counted taking their spawn where they aren’t welcome as socialization.
    How many times have you been out for a quick bite to eat and been seated near a group with 2-4 adults and in excess of 6 kids? The parents sit at one end all together and let little Bratleigh, etc do whateverthehell. That’s not socialization. That’s not parenting. That’s a degree of selfishness that tells the world to go fuck itself, I’m busy here.
    I’d like to take some of these reproducers and handcuff them to their spawn. Two parents = one kid per hand, max. Then they’d be forced to deal with their responsibilities instead of foisting them out on the rest of the world.

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