Cool Sites for Bookworms

I have a mad love affair with books, and over the years I’ve found a few really good sites for book lovers. My top three are below:

Shelfari – build your virtual library here. You can rate books as well as show others what you’re currently reading, want to read, and have read. Also, lots of discussion groups to join and you can follow others and have others follow you. A really good book lover’s site.

FictFact – I freaking LOVE this site. Tracks book series you are reading and lets you know what the next book is. If you’re waiting for the next book in a series, it lets you know when it will be out. I read so many series that I would pull my hair out if I didn’t have this site. SO much better than trolling around the ‘net trying to figure out which book is next.

BookCrossing – a great way to recycle your books. Put an ID tag on them, put them somewhere, and wait to see what happens. I’ve never had any luck getting mine found, but I keep hoping. You can also hunt for books in your area. It’s fun.

What are some of your favorite book-related sites? Post them in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Cool Sites for Bookworms

  1. Honestly, I’ve used Goodreads but I tend to be too busy actually reading (I always have two or more going at any given time) to spend much time updating the site or writing reviews.

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