Why I Don’t Understand Anti-Vax People

You know what? I will never have children, so this is not my problem, but I’m going to throw my two cents in anyway.

First, let’s talk about herd immunity. Because I think a LOT of you are living in ignorant bliss right now.

In America, a great deal of “the herd” is immune, right now. Do you anti-vax people not get that in ten or twenty years, the “immune” herd is going to be a LOT smaller? Your particular calf is going to be in danger, then. Oh, I’m sure, ONE kid, somewhere, had a bad reaction. And if it was YOUR kid, I get you’re upset and really fucking pissed about it.


I was part of the WHO’s “Smallpox Eradication Program” (not that I knew it). I was born in 1966. Yes, I have a lovely smallpox vax scar on my arm. See? smallpox

Oh, I’m scarred for life. Yes, I am. The horror. Bigger horror? Dying from smallpox.

Look, I’m an accountant, and I fully understand the math behind risk/reward. You want to know what? I’ll take Vaccinations over Major Illnesses That Can Kill Me any time. ANY TIME.

You feel free to choose differently. But if your kid gets sick and dies of some disease that could have been prevented by a shot that hurt for TWO SECONDS, don’t cry to me. I get that modern science is not the be-all and end-all of existence, but sometimes you have to look at the math, NOT the emotional toll.

I have no dog in this fight, but I encourage you to think long and hard about your choices for your children. LONG and HARD.

I’m part of The Herd. I’m 46.

The herd isn’t getting any younger. I’m just sayin’.

And if this itty bitty circular scar is the worst thing to happen to your kid, count yourself lucky. My mother cared enough to protect me from shit that could kill me. She was a pragmatist who understood risk/reward and would have taken her lot in life stoically had she not drawn an Ace. She knew what she was doing. She knew men with advanced degrees probably knew better than she did. And she wanted her kids to live, and not be sick and suffer. She’d seen what happened to kids with polio, so she knew. Vaccines are NOT the devil.

Science>GAWD. Get over it, people. Fact>fiction. Same story.

3 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Understand Anti-Vax People

  1. I’ve had all my vaccinations, but I never got the one that leaves that scar on the upper arm. My mom had one but for whatever reason I never got one, even when I had to redo my 1-year-old vaccinations again at 25 because of some stupid Colorado law saying you can’t have your vaccinations before your 1 year birthday (I had mine the day before). So stupid.

    But yeah I agree, people should not get to opt out of vaccinations. It’s one of the few “nanny-state” laws I’d support.

  2. If you weren’t born before 1970, you don’t have one. The US stopped vaccinating in ’72 unless you were military and going overseas. But really, scarred for life? We ALL had one. I really did not know until I was in my 20s that not everyone had one, until someone asked me about mine, which is half the size of a penny, I’d say. I wear it proudly. I’M INOCULATED!!!!!!

  3. Came across your page doing research. Obviously I also participated in the Smallpox Eradication Program too since I bear one of those marks on my upper left arm. According to my baby book I was vaccinated prior to entering school and got a booster seven years later. I was also fortunate to get the Salk polio shots. I’m up to date on all my shots – doing my part to keep the “herd” protected. I’m inoculated too and proud of my scar!

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