Dear Comcast

I have been your loyal customer (servant) for probably 12-14 years. THINK ABOUT THAT. I have a two-year gap where I lived in a place where I had to get Qwest (now CenturyLink) and THEY ARE THE DEVIL. Imagine my horror when I started to seriously consider them a lesser evil than YOU.

You graciously gave me cable/Internet at a lesser price than Internet only. Bravo! Problem is, you somehow attributed a cable tuner to that account. Um, NO, I am using the INTERNET. I am NOT using cable. Did you mail it to me? Did my fairly Godmother deliver it?


When I swapped apartments, they tried to tell me I owed them for TWO cable adapters. Um, no. I NEVER got any adaptors, and I returned the modem months ago.

Here’s the capper: NO ONE said ANYTHING about the modem. EVER. When I moved, the chick said, “Well, one adapter is inactivated, so I’ll take that off. When you get your first bill, there will be a $40 charge for the other, and you can dispute it then.”




NOW, collections is saying I owe for 2 adaptors and a modem. What?

THEN, TWO WEEKS after I move, they CANCEL my cable. Why? Oh, were we supposed to move that? Our bad.


You know how I finally got some relief? Posted on the boards. Told them they are thisclose to losing an 8 year customer.

Got an “esclated” call from Someone Who Is In Charge. We’ll see how this goes.

He was seriously a Happy Camper and I suspect he gets that I pay my bills on time, and am a long time customer, and have always, in the past, returned their hardware, so I’ll bet you dollars to donuts this shit is OVER.

But wow, really? Generally, I love Comcast. I defend them to all my friends who have issues with them. This is the first real problem I’ve had in the many years I’ve dealt with them, but I have to say, it’s a doozy. I am shocked that it had to go to this level to be solved.

I love Comcast. I really do. But the bloom is really off the rose, now. Please, Comcast, prove yourselves worthy to be back in my fold. I really want you to.

4 thoughts on “Dear Comcast

    • I have someone working on it now. If they don’t fix it I’ll let you know. It’s just too bad I have to resort to public shaming to get anything done.

  1. I hate hate HATE Comcast!!! I was with them for 7 years and never got an updated modem for my internet and the last three months with them my bill jumped from $110 to $200 to $275! and I had to replace the cable box 3 times in 3 months. I’m with FIOS now and have been with them for 2 years and have yet *knock on wood* to have a problem with them. One time my billing was way off and it was corrected in under 10 minutes (3 minutes on hold). Their On Demand isn’t as great but I’ll take a crappy On Demand selection over inconsistent billing, shity equipment, and horrible customer service any day.

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