Dear Comcast

I have been your loyal customer (servant) for probably 12-14 years. THINK ABOUT THAT. I have a two-year gap where I lived in a place where I had to get Qwest (now CenturyLink) and THEY ARE THE DEVIL. Imagine my horror when I started to seriously consider them a lesser evil than YOU.

You graciously gave me cable/Internet at a lesser price than Internet only. Bravo! Problem is, you somehow attributed a cable tuner to that account. Um, NO, I am using the INTERNET. I am NOT using cable. Did you mail it to me? Did my fairly Godmother deliver it?


When I swapped apartments, they tried to tell me I owed them for TWO cable adapters. Um, no. I NEVER got any adaptors, and I returned the modem months ago.

Here’s the capper: NO ONE said ANYTHING about the modem. EVER. When I moved, the chick said, “Well, one adapter is inactivated, so I’ll take that off. When you get your first bill, there will be a $40 charge for the other, and you can dispute it then.”




NOW, collections is saying I owe for 2 adaptors and a modem. What?

THEN, TWO WEEKS after I move, they CANCEL my cable. Why? Oh, were we supposed to move that? Our bad.


You know how I finally got some relief? Posted on the boards. Told them they are thisclose to losing an 8 year customer.

Got an “esclated” call from Someone Who Is In Charge. We’ll see how this goes.

He was seriously a Happy Camper and I suspect he gets that I pay my bills on time, and am a long time customer, and have always, in the past, returned their hardware, so I’ll bet you dollars to donuts this shit is OVER.

But wow, really? Generally, I love Comcast. I defend them to all my friends who have issues with them. This is the first real problem I’ve had in the many years I’ve dealt with them, but I have to say, it’s a doozy. I am shocked that it had to go to this level to be solved.

I love Comcast. I really do. But the bloom is really off the rose, now. Please, Comcast, prove yourselves worthy to be back in my fold. I really want you to.

It’s November, and You Know What that Means…

#NaNoWriMo. Yeah, every year I start with good intentions, and every year, I give up. Well, not give up, really, just decide I’m never going to meet the deadline, so I end up with 1/3 or 1/2 of what I need.

And, true to form, it’s November 3 and I haven’t done anything.

So, either I will get my butt in gear tomorrow, or I’ll sit on the sidelines and cheer for my friends who are working so hard this month (which I would do anyway, but I’ll have time to cheer harder, I guess).

Fingers crossed!