What I’m Watching, Part Deux

You people really need to stop influencing me. REALLY.

I am now completely hooked on Supernatural because of you. I will never leave the house again.

I’m in that painful “waiting for the new season to start” mode on a few shows: Once Upon a Time, Modern Family, The Middle, Suburgatory (did that get renewed?), The Office, and Parks and Recreation. Thank Gan Grimm is running new episodes or I think I would be catatonic by now.

The last couple years are seriously the only time I’ve actually watched this much network TV. Know why? Because I moved to an apartment that can’t access free OTA local channels. (Yes, the TV gods hate me). Now, I’m moving up 3 floors in October so 50 bucks says I’ll be able to get it and not want to watch it. Such is my life.

Still, thank you, Netflix and Hulu+, for fulfilling my inner TV geek. STILL cheaper than cable!