Calico in the Front, Tortie in the Back, ALL Attitude

Oh yeah, it’s time to be that really annoying pet owner who shows off pics of her adorable furkid. The difference between me and the childcentric oversharers on Facebook is that you can totally skip this, and I DON’T CARE. For those of you who love kitty pics, read on:

This is Pixel. The title for this post comes from how the vet describes her coloring, and I think it’s pretty fitting. Look at this face:

Yeah, someone was not getting her way. Calico ‘tude, she has it.

She can be a total brat, but her adorableness is what has kept her alive this long:

(That’s water, I swear. She won’t touch a martini. Well, she IS only nine. Not old enough to drink yet.) Here you can see the “tortie in the back” coloring. It looks like someone stuck peroxide-covered fingers in her fur. Thus her name: it looks like some of her pixels have burned out.

And you have to love this: where does the comforter end, and the cat begin? You make the call:

I am madly in love with this little furbeast, in spite of the fact that she has puked in my bed and wakes me up at 5am with a paw to the face. It’s been said that dogs have people, but cats have staff, and I find that to be completely true. Still, whenever she crawls into my lap and purrs, my heart melts.

Yeah, we all know who’s running the show here.

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