Voting with Your Wallet…Even if You’re in the Minority

I’m a big proponent of voting with your wallet. No, I don’t care if it will take a particular business down or not. I’m just talking about you, your money, and your opinions.

Don’t like the way a company does business? Vote with your wallet. Crappy customer service? Vote with your wallet.

Look, it’s YOUR money. Spend it in places you like – don’t be a sheep. I have several places I’m boycotting at the moment for various reasons. They will not see ONE DIME of my money.

That said, if you want to spend your money on a particular place – go right ahead. Last time I checked this was America and you could spend your cash where you wanted to.

The beauty of voting with your wallet is this: if enough people are as annoyed as you are, the business in question will either a) have to change its ways or b) go under. If enough people still patronize it…well, there you go.

I know, how very Libertarian of me.

YOUR wallet, YOUR choice. You may not be able to bring a business down all by yourself, but consistently spending your hard earned dollars in places that are in line with your beliefs is a good start. Once again, the Libertarian in me says let the majority rule.

No one is forcing you to support business you don’t like. But if enough people do, you have to respect their decisions, even if you don’t agree with them. It’s called Libertarianism. Welcome to the club.

By the same token, the supporters of business you don’t like need to STFU and stop trying to convert everyone, already. If I like Burger King, for example, stop trying to convert me to the Cult of McDonald’s. Gah.

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