Kill Your Cable, Part Deux

Some of you (I’d say many, but yeah, I’m not THAT popular) have read Kill Your Cable. This is the next iteration, based on my move to Loveland and having to work out a few changes.

First of all, sad to say, I’m in a high rise in downtown Loveland in which my apartment is too low and faces the “wrong” way and I can no longer use an antenna to get free local HD channels. Yeah, I cried for about ten minutes. It is what it is, but I think I’m going to have to move to the fourth floor now, because my upstairs neighbors are going to turn me into Jack Torrance from The Shining. I’m just sayin’.

ANYWAY, I needed a workaround. I already had Netflix, which I love (even though I was more than a little upset at their “let’s split streaming and DVD” policy – I got over it – I disc + streaming is STILL cheaper than cable).

I discovered Hulu+.

So, rounded, $17/month for Netflix one disc at a time plus unlimited streaming and Hulu+ at $8/month is $25/month. When I was paying for basic analog Comcast, it was $50/month, at least. Yes, I still pay Comcast around $60/month for Internet but I was doing that anyway.

Also, NOW I’m not subject to 57 Hispanic/Religious/Shopping channels that I a) don’t want b) don’t care about and c) dont need OR want to pay for.

WHEN will cable companies figure out that a la carte is the way to go? I’d LOVE to get HBO and would be willing to pay for the privilege, if they didn’t make me subsidize the crap channels I don’t want in the process.

Libertarianism needs to come to cable, and right freaking now. PAY ATTENTION, COMCAST!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Kill Your Cable, Part Deux

  1. I know. I’m not much of an optimist but I was really hoping they’d pull their heads out of their asses on this one. Oh well, it just means I’ll go without cable.

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