Burnin’ Down the House

So, some of you have probably heard about the High Park Fire by now – it’s national news.

I got a pretty good look at the smoke from the I-25/392 overpass this afternoon. This thing is huge.

As some of you know, I work for the fire department. We’re in the next town over but we’ve already sent one crew and a truck and I’m pretty sure another one is going to go. In the meantime, everything is so dry here it seems like there’s 3-5 ground cover fire calls a day in town. Nine times out of ten it turns out to be a farmer burning out a ditch or something, but under the circumstances everyone is on full alert right now.

This thing is closer to town than I would like. I really hope Mother Nature gives us a break here.

Everyone keep your fingers crossed, say a prayer, or whatever you do for good vibes and luck for the firefighters who are dealing with this mess. It’s dangerous and difficult and those people really do deserve a medal for going in there, especially when a lot of them volunteered to go.

One thought on “Burnin’ Down the House

  1. Sending nothing but positive thoughts, Dags. Please be safe! And yep, Firefighters are a rare breed. My Uncle just retired with the #1 badge in Quincy Fire Department so I know from personal stories how amazing those guys can be.

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