Low Carb Wins the Internets

I’ve been low carb for awhile now, but I’ve missed some traditional, “carb-heavy” foods, like pizza, lasagna, and well, let’s face it, bread.

No longer. Your Lighter Side is quite possibly the epic win of low carb goodness.

Oopsie Rolls are quite possibly the crack of low carb. Seriously, you can whip these up in ten minutes, cook them for thirty, and have the closest thing you’ve ever had to bread. They make EXCELLENT grilled cheese (which is one of my weeknesses). I’m going to try them as French toast next. OM NOM NOM!

I’ve also made the crockpot lasagna and I must say, OMG! Even better on the second day. I had people sniffing all over my office at lunchtime, and not because I had set something on fire (firehouse joke, move on). I’m trying the crockpot pizza next, as it makes sense, considering what I have left over from the lasagna. Can’t wait!

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