Pets are Not Trash

I’m just going to say it: you people who toss your pets to the animal shelter because “I moved” or “I’m pregnant” or “My boyfriend/girlfriend is allergic” really piss me right the hell off. You know why? Because YOU CANNOT COMMIT TO ANYTHING.

Really, people, if you pawn off your pet as some appendage you no longer have a use for, you know what? I no longer have a use for you. You suck, and royally.

DO NOT get a pet if you aren’t willing to care for it until one of you dies. I’m not kidding. A pet is not a toy you can give to Goodwill, it’s a RESPONSIBILITY. You CANNOT kill a pet because it suddenly peed on your bed, snarled at your friend, whatever. You need to look into WHY the pet did what it did. Because trust me, it had a reason. Would you euthanize your kid if it did that? I thought not. Why is a pet different? The commitment is the same. And if you see it differently, then I truly hope you have neither. Because you just don’t get it. At all.

The animal shelter is full of the result of human stupidity, neglect, and general fail. If you can’t commit to a pet, you should not be married OR have children.

Think about it, people.

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