Books, Books, Books! And Websites for Book Lovers!

Lately I’ve gotten wrapped up in more book series than I care to count. And, because of this, I am constantly being enticed to read MORE book series. People, YOU ARE KILLING ME! I’m wrapped up in more book series than I ever thought I could be. Oh, and Jim Butcher? HURRY THE HELL UP ALREADY. I’m just sayin’.

That said, I’m going to turn you book series lovers on to a really cool website: FictFact. It will track your series as you read them and let you know what the next book is. And, when you’re waiting for the newest release, it will tell you the potential release date.

I am in love with this site. It is so awesome.

Another good site is Shelfari. You can create a bookshelf of what you’ve read, what you’re going to read, and what you’re reading now, complete with reviews. It’s tied to Amazon so you can shop ’til you drop. People can follow you, like on GetGlue, and see what you are reading. A book lover’s paradise.

Any good book sites you’d like to talk about? Post them in the comments!

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