Internet Timewasters, or “Where Did the Day Go?”

We all have our favorite Internet timewasters, and some waste more time than others. Here are a few of my favorite ones:

Castleville and Cityville: seriously, WHY did I start playing these? I must have been bored out of my mind. I can easily kill an hour between the two, but because I have to wait for my “energy” to renew (no, Zynga, I’m not giving you REAL cash to play a PRETEND game) they quickly lose their charm. Still, mindless fun.

Twisted Sifter: the best time-waster on the ‘net. Seriously, a cup of coffee and a click and the next thing you know it’s 2pm and you haven’t gotten any work done (did I say work? I meant homework, people, homework.) Ahem.

Reasoning with Vampires: Okay, to be honest, I check this on a daily basis now. But, the first time you go on there? You will get NOTHING done for several hours. Seriously, I had to read the whole thing. Epically awesome!

Book nerds, unite! Check out Mark Reads. You will never get anything done, ever again. Trust me.

What are YOUR favorite Internet timewasters? Share in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Internet Timewasters, or “Where Did the Day Go?”

  1. I have freed myself from Cityville on Facebook, but Cityville Hometown snared me again on my new iPod Touch (darn it). Castleville also has me within its clutches. Besides those, YouTube, Facebook, IRC (Internet Relay Chat), and a forum called Guru Gossip also vie for my attention. In fact I enjoy Guru Gossip so much, I’ve launched my own forum called Geek Central in the hopes to get others ensnared in an internet time waster of my own design. Bwhahaha! 😉

  2. Most of the time I waste on FB is spent on the Ancap trollboard. Other than that, I mostly use it as a news feed.

    Then there’s:

    Darwin Central

    I don’t spend much time there, but they do have a lot of ways to fritter away precious hours I’ve found.

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