A Week in the Life

I thought this might be fun, and I’m hoping some people pick up on it and do the same. Here is a week in my life, via pictures and words. It’s mostly a typical week, but of course every week has its random twists and turns and craziness. I picked THIS week, however, only because I just got the idea.

So, without further ado, here is a week in MY life, February 26 – March 3.

We’ll start at February 26, a little after 6pm.

Now, normally I’m out past nine with Keith, but this weekend we’d had a long day and an early dinner, and he had work he wanted to get done. So, I popped upstairs to my apartment (have I shown you my apartment? No? Well, here you go):

and commenced on my Sunday Evening Stuff. Have you seen where I live? No? Let me show you:

So, I popped in here Sunday night, earlier than usual, and GOT SOME SHIT DONE: Laundry:

Yes, I own BRIGHT ORANGE UNDERWEAR. This is what happens when you buy off the discount rack of Hanes.com. Hopefully in 6 months I’ll be able to buy a smaller size in “normal” colors. Time will tell.

ANYWAY, laundry started, now Pixel needs her “drink” (or, I had to pee, she took advantage of the situation):

Yes, she is a freak. Did you expect anything less from MY cat? 😀

What makes it worse is the sheer amount of toys she has:

And, tonight I will continue my “WTF was I thinking when I upgraded to Lion and broke all my Microsuck crap” tirade. This is my last, I think:

Day one down, six to go. I’d love it if all of you did this too!

And yes, there will be daily updates!

Day Two: Monday, February 27

It was a LOVELY morning in Loveland, CO:


So, I packed a lunch:


(which was less than satisfying, by the way – I think it actually gave me a mild case of food poisoning. At any rate, me and kielbasa are through!)

and headed off for work. First, I had to bust my car out of the parking garage:


And let me just say, those parking spots are SMALL! Makes me happy I drive a tiny car.

Here’s my office:


I’ll be here for the next eight hours or so. I see I need to take a picture from a better angle – this looks pretty sterile and that is DEFINITELY not the case. I’ll work on that. And yes, I know what is in EVERY one of those piles of paper – I’m working on it!

Then, it was off for home. However, I needed groceries, so it was time for a stop at my local Safeway store (well, actually, this one is in the town I work in, but it’s very handy:


There was an Avalanche game on tonight, so I went to my absolute favorite hangout, the The Sports Station to watch. Here it is:


I love this place. It’s my local hangout; they know me there, the hot wings are awesome, and they always flip the Avs game on for me when I walk in. Win-win!

Then it was time to head home. So here I sit, updating my blog and surfing the ‘net.

Tuesday, February 28

Another nice day in Loveland:

And, the daily battle with the scale continues (and the cat is a slob, sheesh!):

I am winning though. Down 11 pounds!

Then, off to work again. I have a bunch of toys on top of my hutch. People like to come in and play with them, especially Stewie, since he talks:

Lunch is salami and cheese:

And tonight’s dinner is pork ribs, coated in garlic olive oil and a little bbq sauce:

The olive oil is from a local store. The place is awesome. Tons of oils to try, and some vinegars too.

It was fabulous. Now for some TV before bed. I’m nursing a cold, so I’ll probably turn in early.

Tuesday, February 29

The day that DOES NOT EXIST. Seriously, I had someone ask me if they get paid for the “extra” day. I had to point out that MOST months have at least 30 days. Yeah, this is why I don’t have kids. I have 38. Every. Freaking. Day. I do love them, though.

So, another lovely day in Loveland. I won’t post a pic because, quite frankly, it didn’t change from the last two days. This is spectacular for two reasons. One, it’s almost March, the snowiest month, and two, this weather is too weird for words. I suspect we’re going to have a REALLY mild summer for a change since I now have central air. FML.

That said, lunch is…*drumroll* chicken and cheese. I am so pedestrian.

Oh, and I have a cold. So my lotion-infused Kleenex are going to work today, too. Also, I’m pretty bummed the four pair of shoes I bought from onlineshoes.com are going back – I don’t usually fail in such a spectacular way. Still, they have a liberal return policy and I do love them so.

A couple of new office pics – the sun was kind of bright out the window, so I don’t know how well you can see my two plants (compliments of my sister, who apparently forgot I have a cat who likes to chew, so now you know why they went to work). Oh, and hey, did I mention my office has a WINDOW! Yay!

After work, I went to physical therapy. I jacked up my shoulder in October, and I’m still working on getting full function back. I’m 98% there, though, so fingers crossed!

Got put through my paces for an hour and then went home and had tuna mixed with mayo and onions for dinner, served on slices of American cheese. Such is the life of the Atkins dieter. Of COURSE Pixel had to have a bit of tuna, or there would have been no living with her.

Talked to my mom on the phone for better than two hours – felt kind of bad because I meant to call her last week and got busy (I usually call her every week and I totally feel awful when I don’t – I know she likes to see how I am and sometimes my life gets in the way – I REALLY need to “schedule” that call in my calendar). Oh, did I mention my mom is AWESOME. Yes, she is. She is awesome wrapped up in spectacular covered with supercool. Yep, that’s my mom.

Now, I’m watching a bit of TV and swearing that I’m using my cold as an excuse for why I’m not beta reading a friend’s novel and working on my own. I promise to catch up on both. Really, I will. 😀

Thursday, March 1

Can you believe it’s March already? And, of course, I’ll start this with the obligatory, “it’s a beautiful day in Loveland”…

but it didn’t stay that way. More on that in a minute.

So, went to work as usual, but knocked off an hour early to visit my massage therapist. I’m working with him and my physical therapist on the whole shoulder thing, and at this point in the game I think of the two, he’s doing more good. I’m not a big massage person but hey, whatever fixes this problem, I’m going to do. So, thirty minutes a week, I see Jack. He’s pretty cool, though, so it’s all good.

After that, I went to the UPS office to send that big-ass box of shoes back (the UPS office is not far from me – go straight to the source when you can, I always say). So, dropped that off and went home, did a few things, then decided to go to the The Sports Station for hot wings and to watch the Avs game.

And walked out the door to this:

So much for the beautiful day.

The insanity wings were definitely living up to their name tonight. HOT! Burned right through my stuffed-up nose, which is what I was hoping for. I got to enjoy about ten minutes of oxygen to my brain. And did I mention the TASTY HOT WINGS?

Here’s a look at the bar – I waited until the crowd went home – usually on weeknights they clear out around 9.

I love this place. It’s kind of a local hangout, very friendly, and the bartenders are freaking awesome. My drink is practically on the bar when I walk in and they ask me if I’m having the wings (because I’m a total creature of habit – I’m sure that makes it super easy, but still. I love good service, and I consistently get it here. Plus, it’s three blocks away. Gotta love that!) And, if the Avs game isn’t on, they turn it on. Because I’m a regular and I GET TREATED RIGHT. Again, LOVE THIS PLACE.

Tonight, the Avs sucked, so that was less than awesome. However, the snow stopped, so we’ll see if we get the rest of that storm they’ve been predicting. I was kind of happy it stopped snowing, however, because I had on heels. See?

So, it was off to Castle Sellers and time to send Randy (short for Random) the Roomba to vacuum up the floor:

He’s vacuuming the bedroom and bathroom as we speak. God, I love slave labor.

Also, once again, it’s time for laundry:

How one person generates so much laundry, I’ll never know. Oh well.

So, it’s laundry and TV, and then bedtime. Hopefully I can kick this freaking cold soon.

Friday, March 2

Not too many pics for the next couple days – I killed the battery on the phone on Saturday and didn’t realize it for awhile.

Friday night, we went to see a friend of ours play cello in the local symphony. She got a solo, so it was a big deal. And, she is an awesome player. Here’s the program:

Afterwards we went to Generations for a drink – the place was packed, and no thanks to the trio who hogged a table for a good hour after they’d paid their bill. Some people. *eyeroll

So, Friday night we stayed at my place, and Pixel seemed pretty happy to see Keith:

Yeah, she hates his guts. Sure she does.

Saturday, March 3

Saturday Keith and I played Dominion most of the afternoon (great card-based strategy game, I highly recommend it) and then went to The Pumphouse to watch the Avs get their clocks cleaned by Pittsburgh. No, not surprised.

Sunday, March 4

Sunday we had a friend over to play board games, and went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Avs play Minnesota. This time, they won. Then it was home to do laundry (again) and get ready for the work week.

So, that’s a (fairly) typical week in my life.

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