What I’m Watching

So, somewhere into the new TV season (the line is so blurred now I have no real idea where it starts) here’s what I’m watching of the new releases so far:

Grimm: I LOVE this show. It’s like Harry Dresden as witch hunter. LOVE IT.

Once Upon a Time: Love this too. I’m intrigued as to how they’re going to work a second season into this, so we shall see. Deliciously good so far, though.

Suburgatory: Yeah, yeah, I know. I was hoping it was more Emma Stone in Straight A, but I’m holding out hope. It has some snarky funny moments, still.

The New Girl: I think I’ve finally given up the ghost on this one. I love Zooey Deschanel, but her doe-eyed innocence does not save this at all. It’s too much, IMHO.

Happy Endings: Surprisingly, this one cracks me up. A lot. Watched it on a whim, and settled in for the season. I like it.

Ongoing shows I’m watching:

Okay, I know, these aren’t “new” shows, but they are shows that have withstood the test of time, and I’m still tuned in:

Parks and Recreation: This cracked me up from day one, but now that I work for the government? Oh yeah, epic funny.

The Office: I LOVE THIS SHOW. If you’ve ever worked in Corporate America, you get it. Too funny.

House: I’m kind of over this one, but I loved the first four seasons and have committed to going down with the ship. The fact that Cuddy is nowhere to be found is a HUGE plus. God, I hate her.

That probably sums up my “regular TV viewing”. What are YOU watching?

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