Personhood = FAIL

The whole “Personhood” movement is the reason I’m glad my uterus is in a trash can somewhere.

Let’s get real here, people. There is one, and only ONE, reason for this: to make women second-class citizens, once again. The religious nutters don’t like the fact that the wimmins have got minds of their own, yanno, so they think they’ve found a way to shut us right the fuck up.

Look, you can believe in God, the Devil, or the freaking Flying Spaghetti Monster if you want to, but let me say this loud and clear: MY UTERUS. MY BUSINESS.

Quite frankly, if men could get pregnant abortion would be a fucking RELIGION.

So, religious nutters, feel free to play in your sandbox, but STAY THE HELL OUT OF MINE.

There are a serious number of people on this planet who need to learn the definition of separation of church and state, and who need to realize the Constitution says freedom FROM religion, not freedom OF religion. BIG difference.

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