Out and About in Downtown Loveland

So, as many of you know, I moved to Loveland from Ft. Collins about 6-7 weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been cruising the ‘hood, looking for hangouts and checking out the local eateries. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Coffee houses:

Just discovered this one today: The Coffee Tree EXCELLENT atmosphere, EXCELLENT coffee, and the Anthology Book Company is attached. Seriously love this place, and the egg nog whipped cream is to die for (yes, I blew my Atkins diet for this. It was worth it. Just sayin’.)

Dazbog Coffee This one is in the building I live in and it’s awesome. Great service, a couple of little “nooks” to hang out in to chat, and, of course, RIGHT DOWNSTAIRS. Gotta love that. Oh, and the coffee is really, REALLY good.


The Sports Station Awesome wings, (AWESOME WINGS) great atmosphere, awesome patio in the summertime, and they always put the Avs game on. Love this place.

The Pourhouse – Chili that is to DIE for. Great atmosphere, and a really interesting and delicious appetizer menu.

Henry’s Pub – Great pub atmosphere, great service, cool place to hang out. It’s generally packed at lunchtime, and they have awesome specials.

4th Street Chophouse Awesome atmosphere. A bit pricey, but the food is great. GREAT.

The Black Steer You HAVE to see this place. The 60’s are alive and well here. The decorations are late 60’s western cheesy, they put Chex in the salads as croutons, and it’s seriously a blast from the past. You can either dine in the front or go to the “Rear of the Steer” and OMG it is all over retro awesomesauce. You have to go there once just to experience it. You will either love or hate the cheesy goodness. Frankly, I love it.


Loveland is quite honestly lacking in breakfast choices. Or, I got REALLY spoiled living in Ft. Collins. Either way, there are some good places to go.

Sofia’s EXCELLENT breakfast, and they also do lunch and dinner, and tapas. They have a great patio for summer dining. Definitely a must!

The Breakfast Club Good food, fun atmosphere, and has a sister restaurant in Ft. Collins. No bad meals here!

Heartland Cafe – It’s the local hangout. They don’t even have their own website, as far as I can tell. However, place is a little backwater but the food is good, and it seems to be a favorite of the locals. I like it.

Still working on some other venues, but that’s what I’ve got within walking distance so far.

Personal Responsibility is Dead. That is All.

So, I got my laptop back from the repair shop (don’t ask) and I was siting here testing it out when I hear a crash outside my window. I get up, look down and see some guy tried to parallel park and smacked the car behind him. I watch the guy get out of the car, look around to see if anyone saw him (including looking up at the apartment building; clearly he wasn’t looking very hard because I was standing in the window, watching him), look at the car he hit, and DRIVE OFF.

What??? I knew he was going to do it too, the jerk, so I made sure I got his plate number. I took out an envelope, threw a business card in it, and wrote a note on the front for the parked car’s owner giving him/her the plate number and my info.

Now, it’s possible the guy didn’t hit the car hard enough to do anything, but seriously??? You just drive off? HOW FUCKING RUDE! And I’ll bet if someone did that to him he’d be screaming blue bloody murder right now.

This is what’s wrong with the world today – people not taking responsibility for their actions.

Personhood = FAIL

The whole “Personhood” movement is the reason I’m glad my uterus is in a trash can somewhere.

Let’s get real here, people. There is one, and only ONE, reason for this: to make women second-class citizens, once again. The religious nutters don’t like the fact that the wimmins have got minds of their own, yanno, so they think they’ve found a way to shut us right the fuck up.

Look, you can believe in God, the Devil, or the freaking Flying Spaghetti Monster if you want to, but let me say this loud and clear: MY UTERUS. MY BUSINESS.

Quite frankly, if men could get pregnant abortion would be a fucking RELIGION.

So, religious nutters, feel free to play in your sandbox, but STAY THE HELL OUT OF MINE.

There are a serious number of people on this planet who need to learn the definition of separation of church and state, and who need to realize the Constitution says freedom FROM religion, not freedom OF religion. BIG difference.