Personal Responsibility: You’re Doing it Wrong

I just have to say, some people amaze me by their sense of entitlement and the way they believe that if they want something, they should just have it. They shouldn’t have to work for it, they shouldn’t have to try, they should just GET it, because they WANT it.

I’m speaking in very broad terms here because some of this is work related, and some is personal. But lately, I’ve come across a few people who just amaze me by their utter lack of sense when it comes to what should be earned versus what should be given.

GIFTS are given. And really, that’s pretty much it.

LOVE is earned.

TRUST is earned.

RESPECT is earned.

And yet I see more often than not people who think that just because they walk this earth, everyone should cater to them, or they think they deserve things they have not worked for, because they have an incredibly inflated sense of ego.

Those people need to get over themselves. You reap what you sow, and if all you sow is me me me, all you’re going to get, once everyone catches on to you, is no no no.

What goes around comes around. You’d better hope it’s not coming around.

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