Saginaw, MI

I both love and hate where I came from. Let me explain.

As a kid, I HATED Michigan. Saginaw, in particular, as that is where I grew up.

I still don’t like it, 18 years after I “escaped”. I would never, EVER, live there again. I got out, I’m happy about that, and I will NOT go back. EVER.

That said, it’s amazing the crazy stupid things you miss about your home town.

Dunkin’ Donuts. We had a cool 50’s sign. I hear it was torn down and got bought by someone. I hope they appreciate their piece of Americana.

Stroh’s Ice Cream – four blocks from my house. They had all the stick candy in all the flavors (think candy canes without the “cane” part). I miss root beer.

Ray’s Grocery. In the ice storm of ’74, we took the sled to the store. We thought we were cooler than cool.

Spatz bread and Kogel’s Ring Bologna. God, I miss Koegl’s. *sigh*

Tony’s steak sandwiches and Provenzano’s. *sigh*

Drinking and dancing at the Fordney. I spent my 21+ years there. Good times.

Working at McDonald’s and 7-11. Now you know why I went to college.

As much as I can reminisce about my childhood, I can gush about my life here in Colorado.

Awesome boyfriend: check.

Spicy hot Mexican food. Awwwww, YEAH! Oh, check.

Job I love: check.

Cool friends: check.

Weather: check (although I do need some FREAKING AIR CONDITIONING!) check (but NO HUMIDITY! Check check check!!!!!!!)

So, I do like a trip down memory lane, but I LOVE my life now.

Sorry, Saginaw, not coming back.

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