Wayback Machine My Ass, Little Girl

This is for my friend Erin Blash who did an awesome post about 90’s music.

Yeah, I’m probably a good ten years older than her (or more. We’ll do the math later. LOL). So, in the interest of being the crotchety old pain in the ass, I had to pull out the “I’m older than you and your videos suck compared to mine” card.

Yeah, I went there.

Hey, videos became popular when *I* was in high school. MTV first came about in 1981. I graduated in 1984.

Oh, and MTV was NOT on 24/7/365. Take that, you youngins! *shakes fist*

So, in the interest of representing MY generation, here are the most awesome songs of the 80’s era:

The first MTV video. Trust me, they played this INCESSANTLY. It probably helped that it was the only one they apparently owned at the time.

I do find it fairly prophetic, however, that they seemed to know that video, indeed, killed the radio star. Interesting.

I STILL love this song. At the time, this exhibited pretty cool visuals. Yeah, I’m old. I know.

Okay, if you didn’t grow up when I did, you have NO IDEA how real we all thought a nuclear war was. This was the 80’s theme song. It was especially important to me because I was taking German in high school when this came out. I can still sing it word for word, in German. The English translation sucks. I’m just sayin’.

Howard Jones. Wow, what can I say? Howard was all that AND a bag of chips. This song came out the year before I graduated high school and we all LOVED IT. I still love him.

Cyndi Lauper, Time After Time: need I say more?

And, the theme song of my youth, the AWESOME Pat Benatar:

I’d mention Prince in here too, but he turned into such a freak that I can’t in good conscience give him kudos. I will say Purple Rain was an awesome album. After that…not so much.

So, I’d just like to point out to the children of the 90’s, that the children of the 80’s INVENTED music videos.

You’re welcome.

Save the Words!

English majors, unite! I’ve found a really fun site for you to check out – Save the Words.

I love how you hear a little “pick me” as you scroll over the words. Too much fun. You can pick a word to “adopt” and you promise to use that word in your everyday language. The capper is you can buy a t-shirt with your word on it as well.

This is way to much fun for my English major soul. Way. Too. Much. Fun.

Check it out!