The Cat/Boot Phenomenon

I have a cat. I have boots. This has lead to an interesting observation.

Cats REALLY like boots. WHY?

My cat, Pixel, loves shoes. Boots in particular. When Keith comes over she likes to check out his shoes, and once, when he had his snowshoeing boots out, she went positively insane checking them out.

Then today, I got my boots out so that I’d remember to take them for our weekend in the mountains. And I see this:

Yes, that is her head in my boot.

I would also like to point out that the shoes featured in the picture were completely ignored. Obviously, because there were OMG BOOTS!!!!

Seriously, WTF? That damn cat was in my boots for the better part of an hour. Are they really more interesting than shoes? I leave shoes out all the time – I never see this. What, exactly, is this cat/boot phenomenon?

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