Christmas Charity

Or don’t harsh my generosity, and I won’t harsh yours.

I am not a fan of supporting others’ stupidity. You were poor, then decided to have six kids, yeah, your logic skills are not exactly going to get you into MENSA. Sorry, I cannot condone your stupid by giving you cash at Christmas. Yeah, I feel sorry for your kids, but I’d be happier to put them in an orphanage than have you raise them. (Yeah, I see a comment flamewar coming…go for it).

Puppies and kitties, however…they haven’t got a whole lot of choices as to their fates. They are at the mercy of humans as to whether they live or die, or have litters of furkids who will be a burden on shelters everywhere…man was supposed to take care of the “dumb” beasts, and failed miserably here.

This is where my money goes. Humans are “supposed” to be smart enough to know that if you don’t have two nickels to rub together you don’t have kids…but no one ever told Fluffy that.

So, give to the charity of your choice. Give generously. Just don’t give me crap when my generosity goes to the creatures who couldn’t possibly know better, and I won’t roll my eyes when you support stupid humans.

One thought on “Christmas Charity

  1. I agree with you there completely. I give to either animal charities or cancer research – that’s about it. I don’t get where these people like the Octo-mom who are impoverished but still have a ton of kids. I babysat for one family in Chicago who were devout Catholics and intended to have 12 kids (one for each apostle). Yet they were having problem feeding the 4 they already had (last I heard they were up to 6+). Ugh.

    I have my hands full with one doggie and 2 kitties. That’s enough for me! 🙂

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