Let’s Talk About Misandry

Because it really pisses me off. And frankly, there are some women who seem to think it’s perfectly okay to bash, malign, or otherwise treat men as if they are lesser beings who are only around to provide money to fund whatever said woman has in mind at the moment. I hate these women, because they make the rest of us look like greedy bitches who have nothing better to do than to sit around sipping wine and eating bonbons and bashing men.

We’ve all seen them. Hell, HGTV and its ilk show bridezillas, teen mothers, and women in general in less than a flattering light. In these shows, women are self-centered, pushy bitches who only seem to think their men are a financial means to the end of their ever-exorbitant dreams of The Perfect Wedding, The Perfect House, or The Perfect Baby. Once these women achieve their goal, the man is relegated to the job of Wallet. As in, give me money and get the hell out of my way.

How fucking sad is that?

I love men. I love one man in particular. I don’t think of him as my personal bank account, the person who should “take care of me”, or someone I can use and treat like crap, so long as he keeps giving me what I want. And quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of the bitches who treat their men this way, and I’m increasingly amazed at the number of men who will tolerate this kind of crap. But, I digress.

Women, here’s the thing: men are wonderful, amazing creatures who will die for you if you treat them with the love and respect they deserve. They don’t ask for much, but the nicer you treat them, the nicer you will be treated. That’s kind of true of anyone, but men like to be, well, MEN, and they like it if you’re nice to them and let them do some things for you. No, you cannot be a delicate flower who can’t do a damn thing for herself, but men like to be helpful – LET THEM. Don’t nag, bitch, or complain about what you want them to do. ASK. If you are reasonable, a man will respect you; if you’re being a bitch, well, you’re on your own.

Men like to have their egos stroked; who wouldn’t? If he does something nice for you, TELL HIM. Men love to help out, but you need to appreciate the effort. Say please, and thank you, and plant a big ‘ol kiss on him if he takes the trash out without you asking. I guarantee he’ll be more than willing to do it again, with that kind of encouragement. He just wants to know you appreciate him. Don’t be a bitch, ladies.

And for Chrissakes, don’t give me that “I was home with the kids all day and I’m too fucking tired to have sex with you” crap. YOUR HUSBAND COMES FIRST. Your kids are second. Most sex experts will tell you that even if you’re not in the mood, you should just go for it – the mood will come. And come on, ladies, you’ve been home with the kids, but he’s been out dealing with an asshole boss and he just wants to spend some intimate time with you. You should be flattered that he does. Take advantage of it. Trust me, everyone will be happier if you apply this logic to your life. If you don’t, well…I hope your divorce is amicable. Just sayin’.

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