For Those of You Waiting for My Next Twilight Bash…

…er, review, it will be my first book for 2011. I think ringing in the New Year with bad grammar and craptacular writing might be kind of fun. Not only that, but I have a plethora of GOOD vampire novels under my belt now (Fred Saberhagen, I’m looking at YOU), so this review should be especially biting.

Oh come on, we ALL know Stephenie Meyer’s writing didn’t improve at all.

It will certainly suit the hangover I am sure to have. So, until then, Faithful Reader, I give you…


Oh come on, did you NOT think I’d do my homework here? Besides, I need to laugh at my folly as much as the next person, and these people have made me LOL with a vengeance. Seriously, check them out. Then, when my next bash…er, review comes out, you’ll be ready.

Here we go!

Reasoning With Vampires Seriously, this is EPIC WIN. I always knew Stephenie Meyer sucked ass at writing, but now I have empirical proof: this blog. This girl rocks it hardcore and beats Meyer to death with her own bad grammar. It’s a treasure trove of English major offenses that the layman can understand. Seriously, I have never, ever laughed so hard, and it’s educational to boot. READ IT. READ IT NOW.

Alex Reads Twilight OMG, hilarity! This kid makes Meyer look like an ass without even trying. He has some random friend things going on in his videos, but he’s awesome, check him out!

The Secrets of the Sparkle Holy hell, the entire Twilight series in epic form with VISUALS! Breaks down the Mormon teachings hidden in the books, with epic hilarity. Seriously, the LULZ are totally worth it.

So, I hope that tides you over until mid-January (or February, if I revolt and refuse to read because I might become physically ill).

Happy reading!

4 thoughts on “For Those of You Waiting for My Next Twilight Bash…

  1. I’m gay and all, but I’m fairly sure I want to marry this Alex kid. First, he’s hysterical. Second, he’s just adorable. Third, he’s got that accent thing going. He completely cracks me up!

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