Let’s Talk About Steampunk

Keith has decided his Halloween costume this year will be a steampunk explorer. So, I have decided solidarity is the word of the day and have decided to go as a steampunk explorer’s right hand man (or girl, in this case).

I’m currently reading The Difference Engine in an effort to get a true feel for the genre, and I think I’ve got a good costume in mind.

I’m thinking tan pants, brown boots, a nice Gibson Girl type white shirt, fancy waistcoat, and either a tophat with goggles with a nice gears and cogs decoration or an aviator’s cap with goggles. I have a TON of supercool steampunk jewelry (most of it from Whimsy Beading, seriously, I have SO many steampunk inspired bracelets, it will be hard to choose! And, a kickass ring as well!). I also have a very nice pocket watch on a chain from birdzNbeez, which I MUST wear, as it is totally fitting.

Thoughts? I’ll post up pics as I go along, but helpful hints from those more experienced in the field would be great.

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