HR Craziness

I’ve been applying for jobs, well, everywhere, from Denver to Ft. Collins, where I live. (Google it, I can’t be bothered).

I applied for a job in the Denver Tech Center (DTC) and got this from HR:

HR: Isn’t this too long a commute for you?

ME: I am looking to relocate to Denver.

HR: When are you moving?

ME: As soon as someone offers me a job.

I went on to explain that I have to sell my condo before moving, and also that I could probably live with Keith to cut my commute in half, (I lied, LOL) but really, who bit you in the ass before me?

Either accept I’ll make it work, or don’t. Just don’t quiz me on it. Honestly, do you a) want me that bad or b) want to know if I’ll screw you over?

Take a leap of faith, or don’t. But, the longer you go on with this, the less I want to interview with you. Just sayin’.

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