Ah, You Crazy Internet Kids

A few tips on interacting with others on Internet message boards:

DO NOT make everything all about you. If you have some sort of disability, I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make you special/unique/entitled, ESPECIALLY if you’re complaining that someone else is acting special/unique/entitled for a different reason. Pot, kettle, black, anyone? Turning every post into why you should be treated as a special snowflake is going to get really old, really fast. Which leads me to…

Don’t whine and cry that people are picking on you if you get called on the above behavior. Either back up your arguments with logic and fact, or shut up. The more you cry and try to point out that everyone else is being a big meany pants, the dumber you look. Quit while you’re ahead.

Don’t start sending PM’s to the people you’re arguing with on the board when it becomes clear you’ve lost. Trust me, if I’ve handed you your ass in front of 100 other people, there is nothing stopping me from posting your whiny bitch PMs out on the board. Oh, yes, I’ll give you a chance to go away quietly first, but you’d better heed me, or yes, I will use you as the entertainment du jour. And, since I know there are at least ten other people you’ve probably tried this on, I’ll encourage them to do it as well. You’ve been warned.

Really, people, is it SO HARD to make an intelligent argument anymore? Is Earth Logic a lost art? A few of you need to take your thin-skinned selves away from the gigabits for awhile. Really, if you’re such a delicate flower, you may just want to stick to the Disney boards. Just sayin’.

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