Let’s Talk About Workplace Boredom

So, as many of you know, my plant is closing in about three weeks. As the workload dwindles to nothing, I’d like to share with you what I and some of my coworkers are doing to pass the time.

Several of us have decided to get some reading done. For myself, I’ve reread IT by Stephen King (1100 pages, folks, in ONE WEEK!) and am still bringing in more reading material. Seriously, I have less than two hours of work a day to do, so this is what I do to occupy my time.

A few of my coworkers have signed up for a corporate-sponsored foray into Rosetta Stone – two in Spanish and one in German. Hey, it passes the time.

One guy has been watching movies via YouTube. He laments the fact that he can only seem to find war movies. I told him his computer probably has a CD drive, and chances are good it will also play DVDs. We shall see if this works out or not – I haven’t heard one way or the other.

Some just got bored with the whole thing, or forgot their book that day, or whatever, but I’ll point out the more hilarious time wasters I’ve seen lately.

The best one was today, when one of my coworkers was sorting paper clips. Yes, PAPER CLIPS. There are only two sizes (at least here; I shudder to think anyone has any in-depth knowledge on multiple paper clip sizes, but I digress) and yes, she was sorting them. No, I still don’t know why. Weird.

One coworker has a side business in homemade jewelry and has spent several hours sorting beads and stringing various bracelets and necklaces. I will admit, when I’m tired of reading I’ve been known to go help her sort beads. FML.

My boss, when not taking Spanish, is doing sudoku on her iPad.

I’m jealous, because I don’t have one. Otherwise, I would be doing that too.

Facebook is blocked at work, or I’d be playing Scrabble with everyone on my friends list.

Seriously, people, we just need to go, now. This is stupid.

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