Breakfast in Ft. Collins – My Picks

I love going out for breakfast on the weekends. Keith and I have a couple of favorite weekend haunts that I’d like to share with you all.

Right now, my current addiction is Dempsey’s. Their omelette, aptly called The Best Thing, is freaking fantastic (and, it’s what I ALWAYS order). Actually, I have trouble finding anything on this menu that isn’t absolutely delicious. The service is friendly, the ambiance is nice for a weekend breakfast (it’s especially fun in the summer to sit outside and watch the train run down the middle of Mason St.) and it’s positively my all-time favorite breakfast place. One of our servers (who always remembers that she and I share a name; I believe she is one of the owners as well) always remembers that I get “the usual” and always has a witty comment to make on it (I love a good sense of humor, especially in wait staff – how cool is it you can have fun while you work?).

My #2 pick is McCoy’s Morning Glory. Tory and Jen really get to know their “regulars” (Keith and I have been going there since not long after they opened) and they are both just absolutely awesome people. They always remember details about their regulars and always ask how things are going when they see us. Just really wonderful people all around. Since we’ve been going there forever, we’ve noticed that their employees seem to stick around, and that speaks to how well they must be treated. As anyone should know, if your boss treats you well, you’re more likely to stay in a job. I think Tory and Jen have mastered the art of treating their employees like family, which is evidenced by the fact that I see a lot of the same faces year after year. I’ve even watched one guy go from bussing tables to a pseudo-management role, which tells me they fostered his career and really gave him an opportunity to grow with the business. Really, I can’t say enough nice things about these people.

The food is great, the service is awesome, and the decor is lovely – it’s a general garden theme, and they’ve done a great job of it.

Both these places are near to my heart because they are local, owner-operated, and bring customer service to a whole new level. Definitely check them out when you get the chance. You won’t be sorry.

Martini’s Bistro – A New Favorite

Saturday, Keith and I and a couple friends of ours went to Longmont to see the play “Over the River and Through the Woods” (great play, by the way – if it ever comes to a theater near you, I recommend it) and decided to do dinner at Martini’s Bistro beforehand.

If you haven’t been, definitely go. The food was great, the martinis were excellent, and best of all, the locale doesn’t really lend itself to small children. They have great happy hour deals and the ambiance and decor are fantastic. This place is definitely on my must-go-again list.

Headers, We Need Headers

In my quest to come up with a decent header for this site, I needed to find a good basic graphics program that wasn’t super difficult to use and did what I needed. GIMP gave me fits to figure out, and I’m frankly too cheap to purchase Photoshop for what little I would do with it. After searching around the ‘net, I found Inkscape. It’s awesome. Pretty intuitive and not so overly complicated that you give up in frustration. It works great on my Mac and so far, I love it. As a matter of fact, I did my current header with it. What do you think? I rather like it, but now that I have a graphics program to play with, I may just see what else I can come up with.

Dr. Atkins is GOD

So, recently I went back on the Atkins diet. The ’72 version, not that politically correct retread known in the Atkins world as DANDR (Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution).

My personal opinion of DANDR is that it was written in response to the OMG YOU WILL DIE IF YOU DON’T EAT CARBS backlash when the original Atkins diet got popular a few years back. Hey, if you can do the new version, good for you, but frankly I think that net carbs thing is a load of crap, and it doesn’t work for me anyway (the DANDR diet starts out a 20 grams of carbs a day, which for me is about what I can have on maintenance, so yeah, not going to work). Oh, and not eating carbs won’t kill you. Go read Gary Taubes’ Good Carbs, Bad Carbs if you don’t believe me. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

At any rate, I’m down 10 pounds so far and I feel a HELL of a lot better than I have in awhile, so I’m sticking to this.

Now to go out and find a new martial arts school. That’s going to be a challenge.

Martinis for breakfast…in a perfect world!

You know, if everyone had a martini for breakfast, the world might be a better place. That, or we’d all just be too drunk to notice it wasn’t.

I may not have martinis for breakfast, but there are days…

So, this blog is all about my random crazy ramblings on any given day. I might keep it up for the next ten years, or quit tomorrow. I have no plans one way or the other.

I am a forty-something, professionally employed, childfree woman with a crazy calico cat and too much time on my hands, and my posts will probably reflect that. Mainly this is for me, and peripherally for my family and friends, so if you’re a random stranger out there reading this and you enjoy it, great. If not, please back quietly away from the keyboard. Kthxbai.